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Revolution Rotisserie Reviews

“Absolutely delicious food and great service! The staff was so professional and friendly, service was quick and the food was amazing!”

Sarah C.

“Enjoyed my meal. Ate every morsel. Good food, pleasant setting, great service, and a charming old neighborhood. I don’t even live in Cincinnati but I know I will be back!”

Michelle W.

“A true trifecta. Good service, good food, and good drinks. The family-friendly atmosphere adds to the dining pleasure. I’ll be a repeat customer.”

Jim B.

“Amazing food! Huge selection of craft beer too. The staff was great and always made sure your drink was full.”

Samantha L.

“The customer service was superb. Everyone was very attentive. The food and drinks were delicious. We will definitely be coming back.”

Soto M.


Revolution Rotisserie & Bar is a lively neighborhood gastropub that will satisfy your appetite for elevated comfort food. In addition to serving up the best rotisserie chicken in the world, our unique signature “Chitas” (chicken pita sandwiches) and handcrafted pies for dessert certainly create a memorable dining experience.

Making food this good is a labor of love. At our restaurants, our goal is to cook our hearts out for you as if you were our family. Starting off with only the freshest ingredients lays the foundation for everything else to fall into place. Unlike many comfort foods out there, our flavors are bright, distinctive, and balanced throughout every dish on the menu.

Behind the bar, there’s something for all tastes. We have an excellent food-friendly wine list, including reserves hand-selected by the owners. Our rotating, seasonal beer offerings strike a nice balance between local craft beers, rare finds, and some tried-and-true fan favorites. Above all, we’re known for our tasty craft cocktails, especially Moscow Mules, and our one-of-a-kind seasonal libations which feature a wide variety of fresh ingredients, infused spirits, and shrubs.

So whether you’re looking for a satisfying meal at your favorite neighborhood chicken spot, a night out with friends at a family-friendly and kid-friendly establishment, or simply craving the best rotisserie chicken in town, join us at Revolution Rotisserie & Bar for an unforgettable dining experience. Indulge in our mouthwatering burgers and wings, complemented by a selection of craft beer and craft cocktails. And don’t forget to join us for brunch to experience the revolution of flavor right in your own backyard.