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Chicken Wings
Choice of: Honey BBQ, Lightning Buffalo Garlic or Grizzly OR Dry Rub Served With Celery & Your Choice of Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing
Jumbo classic wings | 14
Boneless wings | 12

Tater Tots, Chicken Gravy, White Cheddar Cheese Curds, Fresh Rosemary | 8
Add Pulled Chicken | +5
Add Fried Egg | +1.5

Pimento Cheese
Southern-Style Pimento Cheese Four Pieces of Toasted Sourdough & Scallions | 7


Add Pulled Chicken | +5

Joan of Arc
Greens, Toasted Pecans, Goat Cheese, Strawberries, & Red Wine Vinaigrette | 10

Greens, Bacon, Cheddar, Tomatoes, Ranch Dressing | 9

Garden Salad
Greens, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Onion, Served With Apple Cider Vinaigrette | 8


Tater Tots | 4
Cilantro Lime Rice | 4
Crispy Brussels | 4
Mac N’ Cheese | 5
Cole Slaw | 4
Seasoned Fries | 4
Sweet Cornbread | 5
Garden Salad | 5


Locally sourced from Gerber Farms | All-Natural Vegetarian Diet | Amish, Antibiotic-Free Birds

Comes With A Half-Bird: Quarter White & Quarter Dark.
No substitutions.

Pollo a La Brasa
Peruvian-Inspired Rotisserie Chicken Served With Cilantro Lime Rice, Aji Verde Sauce & Pickled Red Onion | 17

Nick’s Hot Chicken
Rotisserie Chicken Swimming in HOT Grizzly Sauce Served With Pickles & Toasted Sourdough Bread | 17

Your Bird, Your Way – Half A Bird Served With Choice Of One Sauce & One Side | 17

Ranch | Honey BBQ | Aji Verde | Tzatziki | Chipotle Comeback | Lightning | Hot Honey | Grizzly | Buffalo Garlic

Sometimes Our Birds Choose To Fly.
Availability Is Limited Based On Demand.


Served on local brioche bun

The Classic Burger
Angus Beef, American Cheese, Pickles, Diced Onion, Greens & Garlic Dijonnaise

Single | 10
Double | 13

Veggie Burger
Hand-Crafted Veggie Burger Made In-House, Topped With Greens, Tomatoes, Pickled Red Onions, Corn Chips, Aji Verde & Chipotle Comeback | 11

The Pimento Burger
Angus Beef, Scratch Pimento cheese, Jalapeno-Bacon-Fig Jam, Crushed Tater Tots & Greens

Single | 11
Double | 14


Served On Grilled Pita Bread

George Washington
Pulled Rotisserie Chicken, Greens, Goat Cheese, Cucumber, Tomato, Onion & Tzatziki Sauce | 10

Nelson Mandela
Pulled Rotisserie Chicken, Black Beans, Pepperjack, Corn Chips, Cilantro, Tomato & Chipotle Comeback | 10

Gluten-friendly: Substitute greens for any pita
Vegetarian: Substitute rice or black beans


Lightning Fried Chicken
Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich With Amish All-Natural Chicken Breast, Lightning Sauce, Cole Slaw & Pickles | 11

Boneless Chicken Wings

Lightning Fried Chicken

Pollo A La Brasa


Come with kid’s side

Kid’s Chita
Grilled pita bread, pulled rotisserie chicken, cheddar cheese, bacon, ranch | 10

Grilled Cheese
Two thick pieces of toast & American cheese | 9

Kid’s Cheeseburger
Angus beef, American cheese & ketchup | 10

Boneless Chicken Wings
Six boneless chicken wings, plain or BBQ sauce, served with a side of your choice. Ranch or bleu cheese | 10



Tater Tots
Crispy Brussels
Mac N’ Cheese
Cole Slaw
Corn Bread
Cilantro Lime Rice