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Chicken Wings
Choice of: Honey BBQ, lightning buffalo Garlic or grizzly bear served with celery & your choice of ranch or blue cheese dressing
Jumbo classic wings | 13
Boneless wings | 12

Tater tots, chicken gravy, white cheddar cheese curds, fresh rosemary | 7
Add pulled chicken | +5

Pimento Cheese
Southern-style pimento cheese toasted sourdough & scallions | 7


Add Rotisserie chicken | +5

Helen Keller
Greens, toasted pumpkin seeds, black mission figs, goat cheese, bacon & apple cider vinaigrette | 10

Greens, bacon, cheddar, tomatoes, ranch dressing | 9

Garden Salad
Greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, served with apple cider vinaigrette | 8


Tater Tots | 4
Cilantro Lime Rice | 4
Crispy Brussels | 4
Mac N’ Cheese | 5
Cole Slaw | 3
Seasoned Fries | 4
Gremolata Fries | 5

Sweet Cornbread | 5
Garden Salad | 5


Locally sourced from Gerber Farms | All-Natural Vegetarian Diet | Amish, Antibiotic-Free Birds

Comes with a half-bird: Quarter white & quarter dark
No substitutions

Pollo a La Brasa
Peruvian-inspired rotisserie chicken served w/ cilantro lime rice, aji verde sauce & pickled red onion | 16

Nick’s Hot Chicken
Rotisserie chicken swimming in HOT grizzly bear sauce served w/ pickles & toasted sourdough bread | 16

Your bird, your way, with choice of one sauce & one side | 16

Ranch | Honey BBQ | Aji Verde | Tzatziki | Chipotle Comeback | Lightning | Hot Honey | Grizzly Bear | Buffalo Garlic

Sometimes Our Birds Choose To Fly. Availability Is Limited Based On Demand.


Served on local brioche bun

The Classic Burger
Angus beef, American cheese, pickles, diced onion, dressed arugula, garlic dijonnaise

Single | 10
Double | 13

Veggie Burger
Hand-crafted veggie burger made in-house, topped w/ greens, tomatoes, pickled red onions, corn chips, aji verde & chipotle comeback | 11

The Pimento Burger
Angus beef, pimento cheese, bacon jalapeno jam, crushed tots & dressed arugula

Single | 11
Double | 14


Beer Battered Cod
Beer battered cod, american cheese, tartar sauce, coleslaw & pickles, served on marbled rye | 12

Fish & Chips
Two beer battered cod fillets, served with tartar sauce, coleslaw & gremolata fries | 17



Served on grilled pita bread

George Washington
Pulled rotisserie chicken, arugula, goat cheese, cucumber, tomato, onion, tzatziki | 10

Nelson Mandela
Pulled rotisserie chicken, black beans, pepperjack, corn chips, cilantro, tomato, chipotle comeback | 10

Gluten-friendly: Substitute greens for any pita
Vegetarian: Substitute rice or black beans


Lightning Fried Chicken
Spicy fried chicken sandwich with Amish all-natural chicken breast, lightning sauce, coleslaw + pickles. Served On A Local Brioche Bun | 11

Boneless Chicken Wings

Lightning Fried Chicken

Pollo A La Brasa


Come with kid’s side

Kid’s Chita
Grilled pita bread, pulled rotisserie chicken, cheddar cheese, bacon, ranch | 10

Grilled Cheese
Two thick pieces of toast & American cheese | 9

Kid’s Cheeseburger
Angus beef, American cheese & ketchup | 10

Boneless Chicken Wings
Six boneless chicken wings, plain or BBQ sauce, served with a side of your choice. Ranch or bleu cheese | 10



Tater Tots
Crispy Brussels
Mac N’ Cheese
Cole Slaw
Corn Bread
Cilantro Lime Rice