What can be more beautiful than perfectly seasoned and cooked chicken? My friend joked that Revolution’s chicken was so high quality that it tasted like it actually had a different protein structure from your standard chicken. I sort of laughed, paused, and thought, “it kind of does?!”

In the unending conquest to try (almost) every restaurant and bar in the city, I’m always chasing that next high: the next exotic taste, the coolest bar concept, a bizarre take on an old favorite that takes things to the next level. What if the next exotic, crazy, most avante garde restaurant was just really, really, really good chicken? I think it’s Revolution.

Given, I am a bit biased on this review: I came in during the 4 year anniversary celebration to the tune of $4 Mules (they have offerings from London Gin & Cucumber to Moscow to Tequila). Add to that that I am a sucker for cool architecture (the façade has cool gothic throw-back terra cotta reliefs and inside a cool mosaic floor). They’re also super gluten friendly. How can you improve upon Revolution? Spoiler: you can’t. It’s the best chicken in Cincinnati.


Nick, Kathy and the whole crew from Revolution Rotisserie did an outstanding job catering our wedding! They were extremely conscious of our guests needs and even our budget.

Our friends and family LOVED the food, they loved that there were amazing vegetarian options and the staff was extremely welcoming and helpful with guiding everyone through the buffet.

Not to mention being able to support a local small business was a great feeling and meant so much to us and our family.
We would highly recommend hiring Revolution Rotisserie for any of your catering needs!”

Erica Caldwell & Josh Nunez